I work with people and platforms that elevate and transform culture.

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Combining passion and purpose

I build online experiences + use powerful storytelling to push audiences to action. 

The best thing my mother told me was that she was going to always let me voice my opinion. While that might have made my teenage years hell for her, she gave me the best gift a mother could give: a voice.

Now I work with nonprofit organizations and socially conscious brands to leverage our collective wisdom and voices to develop strategic, actionable and engaging ways to build and maximize our message online and IRL.

Content Strategy  Message Development  Campaign Management   Branding   

Social Media  Event Planning   Fundraising  Creative Initiatives  Audience Engagement

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In the last eight years, I've worked with several organizations to address the following issues:

*Expanding museums and art organizations beyond their walls onto digital platforms and through community partnerships

*Building multichannel digital fundraising strategies for nonprofit organizations

*LGBTQ+ equity (especially LGBTQ youth of color and LGBTQ senior care)

*Building robust online communities for national and local nonprofit organizations

*Funding art and history programs

My passion is working with people, products & platforms that center BIPOC communities and leverage our history to inform our present. 

Campaigns, Clients &


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I love the company I keep. 

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Honors, Associations & Press

Association of Fundraising Professionals member since 2017

Houston Museum District PR Committee (2016-2017)

Association of African American Museums member since 2016

2017 Burroughs-Wright Fellow for the Association of African American Museums

Facebook Community Leadership Training Program with 270 Strategies

Board Member

Milky Mommas, Inc

Advisory Board Member

Take the Stage TV | Gordan Education Initiatives for the Performing Arts

Recent Press

Town and Country Magazine- 35 Black Art and History Museums to Support to Right Now (and Tour as Soon as You Can)

Pantsuit Nation Podcast- Meet the Women Behind the March for Science

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